How to correctly distinguish between printing paper materials and grams?

How to correctly distinguish the cover of the book, the interior material, this is indeed to rely on the usual accumulation of experience.

First of all, you need to understand what paper is commonly used in printing. Usually the most used is double-adhesive paper, double copper paper, matte powder paper. You can at least determine which material the naked eye is.

Double glue paper, also known as writing paper, similar to the printer with that kind of paper, looks more white, feels smoother, but the surface of the paper is slightly rougher than the double copper paper, matte powder paper, the naked eye looks carefully, you can clearly see the texture of the paper.

Double copper paper looks brighter, the surface has a layer of milky white coating, feels very smooth, placed in the sun or light will reflect. The company brochures and supermarket leaflets that we usually see are generally printed on double copper paper to sample.

Matte powder paper and double copper paper is the same principle of composition, only not to the surface of the coating is different, matte powder paper surface is not reflective, hand touch with the same double copper paper, more delicate, smooth. Commonly used in some of the stronger artistic sense of album printing.

When you can easily distinguish the material of the paper with the naked eye, the next thing you need to do is to measure the thickness of the paper. To measure the thickness of the paper, you need to use different calipers or digital calipers. As for how to use calipers, please refer to the Baidu encyclopedia caliper article, or ask the company’s professionals. By measuring the calipers, you can clearly know the thickness of different grams of paper.

Of course, there are still some slight differences in the thickness of different brands of paper, so when the printer provides samples, you’d better ask which brand of paper it is first. When you have a good idea of the paper material you are purchasing, you can correctly judge whether the printer’s samples are consistent with the original samples in your hands.



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