What are the most difficult colors to print?

In the design of products, it can be used in a variety of colors, but in the actual printing, not all the colors can be printed well. According to the actual experience of many people, here is a small summary of what color in the printing of the most difficult to print.

  1. 4-color over the screen and 3-color over the screen, the full version of the color does not print (recommended to use spot color printing);
  2. large area of neutral coffee color, the printed color does not look good;
  3. Large area of dark green. Advertising companies do not know how to print the most difficult to design things to print. Color is one hand, too many multi-color very fine lines, very small words and translucent white, etc. is the other;
  4. C = 50M = 50Y = 50K = 50 large flat screen, there is a little inaccurate on the serious color deviation;
  5. Black bottom is also not a good treatment. Black bottom in order to achieve the effect can use special black ink or printed twice. It is not very difficult to print, just laborious;
  6. Album printing in general full-page stuff, spot-color full-page or larger area, anti-white letters, the same Logo, and the same color block, it is generally difficult to follow the color, there are color differences;
  7. Blue and green in the printing together is not a very good grasp.



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