What’s the difference between staple, paperback and hardcover?

Printing and binding can be divided into riding staples, paperback and hardcover, but many people do not know very well. Today to talk about riding staples, paperback and hardcover. What is the difference?

  1. horse riding staples

All the booklet posts with the cover set together, with wire from the booklet folded seam through and nailed method called riding nails. Riding staples is the simplest kind of binding process, suitable for binding fewer pages of periodicals, pamphlets and other publications. At present, most of the factories use the horse-riding nail coupling machine for horse-riding stapling. When stapling, the folded book post in order to ride on the set post chain, the machine can automatically complete the stapling, book cutting and other operations.

  1. Flat binding

Flat binding compared with hardcover, save work and materials, is a simple and practical binding method, more suitable for the domestic consumption level at the time. Books published in China, paperback books account for about 90% of the paperback process can be divided into wire binding, lock line binding and glue binding and other types.

Wire binding. Wire stapling, also known as flat stapling, is a wire in the core of the book through the stapling method. Wire stapled book core, and then on the cover, according to the size specifications cut that is the book.

Lock wire stapling. Lock wire stapling is to match the book post by post with a line stapled into the core of a binding method. Lock line stapled book core and then withered on the cover, according to the size specifications cut that is the book. Lock line book, no matter how thick the core, reading can be spread out. Locked wire can be used both manual bare work, but also use the locking machine to complete.

Wireless gluing. Wireless glue binding is the development of the last two or three decades, completely using glue to bind the pages. At present, wireless glue binding using the glue is roughly white latex and hot melt glue, the former is cheap, low cost, slow solidification speed.

3. Hardcover

Hardcover is an exquisite, sophisticated binding method, with folding resistance, preservation of decorative materials for the cover. The process is roughly divided into three processes: core processing, decaying shell processing and on the cover.


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