Guangzhou YBJ Printing co.,ltd

Guangzhou YBJ Printing co.,ltd was established in Guangdong, China in 1998. It is a comprehensive brand printing enterprise integrating pre-press production, printing, post-press processing and logistics. It is a partner of government official printing. Long-term cooperation with many international publishing houses, more than 20 years of focus on doing every print for customers, to provide you with the best printing quality and service.

Business Scope:

Guangzhou YBJ Printing co.,ltd specializes in hardcover book printing, picture book printing and other paper books and periodicals, including all books and periodicals in different bindings, such as hardcover, soft case hardcover, string binding, ridged binding, air binding, saddle binding, double line Loop binding, spiral binding, etc.
Our printing technology is ideal for creating art books, photo books, cookbooks, textbooks, children’s books and more.
We have specially set up a production team composed of skilled craftsmen, which is specially responsible for the production of product sets that require handicraft, such as books with book covers, hand-bound books, puzzle books, or books with electronic accessories, automatic sound books, accessories books, creative books, and teaching kits for games or activities.

Printing Equipment

Guangzhou YBJ Printing co.,ltd currently has professional printing equipment imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, mainly including Heidelberg hardcover linkage line, Heidelberg printing press, Heidelberg folding machine, Martini sewing machine, Martini automatic riding dragon, Martini Three-sided knife glued dragon, etc. It also has a proofing room, a pre-press plate-making design room, a CTP publishing room, a printing workshop, a folding workshop, a sewing workshop, a binding workshop, a dehumidification room, a transportation simulation test room and a sample picking room, with an annual production capacity of more than 100 million dollars.


With the ever-changing market environment and the full opening of the business, in view of the growing scale, in order to adapt to the changes in the international environment, we are participating in fierce market competition. YBJ Printing has successfully introduced “ISO9001:2008/QMS” quality management system certification, “ISO14001:2004/EMS” environmental management system certification, “OHSAS18001:2007” occupational health management system certification, “FSC-COC” forest management system certification And “ETI – Smeta” social responsibility management system certification, “G7” color technology control certification, “BSCI” business social responsibility standard certification.

Expert level printing service system

Documentary Department
Professional and patient merchandising specialists will assist the engineering department to communicate with customers about process requirements, solve process difficulties, and be responsible for providing customers with services such as publishing, receiving, exporting, and shipping.

Engineering Department
Responsible for handling order review (feasibility assessment of white sample conversion to bulk goods), process review (production exception analysis and solution) and professional consultation on internal factory affairs, improving the arrangement of printing and post-processing processes, and optimizing process plans.
Professional reviewers sort out customer manuscripts from all over the world every day, and more than a thousand manuscripts have been processed in a single month; from reviewing, imposition, proofing, and plate making in one go. YBJ has a number of advanced plate making machines, proofing machines and a pre-press color management system that conforms to the international standard Fogra39L, allowing customers to reduce errors in the drafting process through proofing drafts and make the finished products more in line with expectations.

Printing Department
Based on a professional pre-press color management system, YBJ Printing provides professional printing equipment on standby 24 hours a day to serve customers around the clock.

Processing Department
All kinds of surface treatment and post-processing services: folding, tying, binding, gluing, thread pressing, bronzing, UV glazing, glittering, fillet punching, gold edging, punching, set combination, etc., all provided by the factory Internal colleagues to complete the division of labor. At the same time, it realizes the refined process production that cannot be replaced by equipment in the post-press process flow, adding style to the finished product.

Binding Department
With advanced linkage production equipment, it has a wealth of binding production lines to meet customers’ needs in knowledge transfer and aesthetic perception, which is the first choice of customers.

Quality Control Department
Responsible for improving the quality awareness of all employees, clarifying product quality standards, improving the quality inspection process, providing technical support for quality control of all processes for each order, and assisting customers in handling products with quality doubts.

Packaging Division
Responsible for handling distribution, tally, sealing, packaging, board making, one-stop logistics and distribution by land, sea and air, and try our best to meet the various needs of customers.

Purchasing Department
Strictly screen and control raw and auxiliary material suppliers, and be responsible for the control and maintenance of material data information to meet the individual needs of customers and serve every customer wholeheartedly.

Warehousing Department
While responsible for incoming and outgoing inspection of raw and auxiliary materials, ensure that materials are supplied to the production line in a timely manner, and maintain daily data management of incoming and outgoing materials to ensure safe inventory turnover and meet customer delivery requirements.

YBJ Printing has maintained cooperation with powerful brands at home and abroad for many years. It has a professional order operation process and processing order management tracking system. It is the perfect partner for your printing and processing.

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