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Guangzhou YBJ Printing co.,ltd specializes in desk calendar/book printing, providing desk calendars, calendars, books and other printing services.As a specialist printing service provider and maker, YBJ Printing has a wide range of printing supply systems that can satisfy different needs.

  1. Good quality and strong printing strength.
  2. Specifications: customized.
  3. MOQ: 1000 copies.
  4. Process: The cover can be bronzing, UV, embossing, etc.
  5. Service: We care more about on-time delivery and quality
  6. Price: In order to better serve our customers, we are always looking for ways to offer better prices.

Hardcover Book Printing

Hardcover books, also known as boxed books, are sleek, sturdy, and stand out in size. They stand out on a shelf and instantly grab the reader’s attention. Hardcover books are also designed to be durable, allowing valuable books to be better protected and satisfying readers who like to collect books.
Make books everyone’s best companion because they never expire or they never take away your peace. Books enable mind stability, imagination, and free will to think outside the box. Books stimulate a person to think critically about things and a person becomes focused on himself.

Children's hardcover book printing
Square Ridge Hardcover Printing
Square Ridge Hardcover Printing
Round Ridge Hardcover Printing
Periodicals Hardcover Printing
Art album hardcover printing
Hardcover Notebook Printing

Paperback Book Printing

The processing method of making a single printed matter into a book so that the finished product is easy to read and save is called binding; and a paperback book can also be called a paperback book. low cost. It is usually a soft paper cover, which is light, easy to flatten, and easy to carry and read. Generally used in teaching materials, magazines, periodicals, thin books and so on. Common simple binding methods include flat binding, saddle stitching, glue binding, threading glue binding, coil binding, slap book, loose-leaf binding, etc.
Children's storybook printing
brochure printing
Textbook Printing
Paperback Photo Book Printing
notebook binding
paperback book printing

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Why choose YBJ Printing to help you publish books?

Soy Ink

YBJ Printing uses plant-based and soy-based inks with lower VOC content than traditional petroleum-based inks to reduce harmful carbon emissions. This helps protect our employees and the environment.
Produces minimal chromatic aberration.
Best at producing bright and saturated colors in print.
Better ink coverage.
Fewer pigments → achieve the same color optical effect.

Choose High-quality Paper

In YBJ Printing, you have a variety of paper options to print your book on. Most books use glossy or matte art paper or uncoated offset paper for interactive titles like coloring books. However, you are not limited to these typical choices. You can also choose special paper materials such as linen finishes or other textures. Our printing experts will help you create a successful product and recommend the best paper options for your books.

Toner Printing

Toner-based printing is often sold as a premium color. The color printing used by YBJ printing is 100% toner printing. Our factory has HP Indigo presses that are the best in the latest color printing technology. The HP Indigo press uses HP e-ink technology to create images on the blanket using charged particles in liquid ink. The blanket acts as a shock absorber, ensuring an even transfer of ink to the paper. The result is superior, photo-quality images printed on every page.

Custom Printing Services

From paper quality, paper size, binding method to print quantity, we have a variety of options for you to choose from so that you get what you want in our printed products.

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