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Guangzhou Yongbijie Printing Co., Ltd. specializes in book printing, providing printing services such as fine paperboard books, hardcover books, and paperback books. As a professional printing service provider and manufacturer, Yongbijie Printing has a wide range of printing supply systems to meet your different printing needs

  1. Good quality and strong printing strength.
  2. Specifications: custom.
  3. MOQ: 1000 copies.
  4. Process: The cover can be bronzing, UV, embossing, etc.
  5. Service: We care more about on-time delivery and quality
  6. Price: In order to better serve our customers, we are always looking for ways to offer better prices.

Children’s Book Printing

Children’s books are specially customized books for children. YBJ children’s books are printed with environmentally friendly and safe materials, including paper and ink accessories, without the use of three-free materials, and to ensure that the product structure does not cause scratches, pinches and other injuries to children. Our process design and processing technology make customers’ products more soft to the touch, enhance the intimacy between children and books; make the pictures and texts full and perfect, creating a sweet time for parent-child reading. YBJ Printing pays attention to the safety of babies and makes mothers feel more at ease.

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We offer softcover and hardcover children’s book printing options in a variety of sizes and papers. Here are some common sizes for popular children’s books:

Why choose YBJ Printing to help you publish children's books?

  • We print the world’s most beautiful picture books, children’s books, early readers’ books and chapter books.


  • Every day we now print and bind high-quality softcover and hardcover books for authors who wish to sell children’s books.


  • Many authors come to us so that they can buy beautifully bound books from agencies and children’s book publishers.


  • All books are printed with state-of-the-art printing equipment and come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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